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During a career that spanned parts of four decades, Steve Spingola´s reputation as a tenacious homicide detective earned him the moniker "the sleuth with the proof." Now, the investigator with a national reputation for excellence takes listeners on de facto ride along to revisit unsolved murders, reminisce about Milwaukee´s underworld, and examine the suspicious drowning deaths of young men in the hard-drinking college town of Lacrosse, Wisconsin. "In a four-part segment entitled "The Detectives in the Rye;" Steve Spingola does an outstanding job detailing why the strangulation murders of prostitutes and others involved in the vice underground are difficult to solve;" said retired Milwaukee PD detective Larry Powalisz. "In great detail, he explains how killers with a slightly different signature often target those from the same victimology demographic." Spingola also takes a critical look at the post 9/11 world of government surveillance, including cellular telephone and credit card tracking, the spread of facial recognition software, the storing of all emails and telephonic communication, private sector DNA sharing, and intrusive drone technologies that threaten to undermine the privacy and liberty of all Americans. "As a lieutenant of detectives, Steve Spingola taught me that an investigator´s real pursuit is the truth;" wrote Eric Donaldson, a 20-year Milwaukee Police Department veteran. "When explaining the facts behind a story, he brings skill and acumen to the table. In a crowded literary genre, authenticity is king and Steve Spingola brings it." 1. Language: English. Narrator: Barry Newman. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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