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Surrendered - Colours of Love
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After dealing with the scandal that threatened her family business, Sophie is back in London alone and heartbroken. She cant get Matteo out of her mind. The steamy nights and carefree days with the sensual art professor in Rome seem like a distant memory. Was it all a dream? Her longing for him torments her to breaking point. Then Sophie gets an urgent phone call and knows she must return to Italy. At first Matteo seems indifferent - almost angry about Sophies return. But soon even he cant deny the magnetic attraction between them. Matteo lures Sophie into more daring erotic pleasure than before. But their fairytale romance is a roller coaster. Matteo is still hiding something dark, and Sophie knows shes in over her head. Will their love story have a happy end? Or will the ghosts of Matteos past prevent him from sharing his heart? SURRENDERED - COLOURS OF LOVE is the fifth book of Kathryn Taylors successful series. If you love the steamy scenes in E.L. James Fifty Shades of Grey, Silvia Days Crossfire series, or Jodi Ellen Malpas This Man trilogy, then COLOURS OF LOVE will thrill your desire for passion and romance. Even as a little girl, Kathryn Taylor wanted to write. She published her first story at age 11. After a few detours in life, she found her own happily ever after. UNBOUND - COLOURS OF LOVE was her first novel.

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Last Dance at the Savoy: Life, Love and Caring ...
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When Kathryn Leigh Scott´s husband was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), a neurological disease for which there is (so far) no cure, it was a devastating time for both of them, not least because so little is known about the cause or treatment of a disease that affects some 20,000 Americans, a number similar to that of Lou Gehrig´s disease (ALS). Last Dance at the Savoy is both a personal story about Scott´s husband, Geoff Miller, the founding editor of Los Angeles Magazine, who lived life fully despite having a terminal illness, and a sharing of her insights on dealing with the day-to-day issues of caring for someone with a progressive neurological condition. Scott ´´often yearned for someone to figuratively take my hand and walk with me through the difficult × I hope through this book I can reach out to you with encouragement and practical advice´´. Last Dance at the Savoy includes a resource guide that provides facts about prime-of-life diseases; contact information for support organizations, research studies, and clinical trials; where to find handicap products and equipment; and recommended caregiving publications and family conferences. Contains a foreword by Yvette Bordelon, MD, PhD, a neurologist at UCLA whose clinical work involves the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. A percentage of royalties from Last Dance at the Savoy are donated to CurePSP. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kathryn Leigh Scott. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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