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Cameron Highlands Day Tour From Kuala Lumpur - ...
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Immerse in the tranquil atmosphere and cool climate of the Cameron Highlands on a day trip from Kuala Lumpur. Renowned for its farmlands, tea plantations, orchards and nurseries, the hill station is a popular getaway from the bustling Malaysian capital. Gain insight into the local culture with a knowledgeable guide who accompanies you to an Orang Asli aboriginal village. En route, you’ll see waterfalls, mossy streams and rainforest.• Rich with countryside, landscapes, cool weather & tea plantation.• A refreshing retreat to Malaysia’s premier hill resort.• All the way visit/see Fruit, Vegetable, Flower Market, Strawberry Farm and more.• Stop at the viewpoint of tea plantation for commentary/photography.• A lot of Unique Places to See and Visit.• Sharing tour up to only 6 people

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