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English Native I am living in Germany, Friedrichshain Berlin I am a polite and well-presented young woman who would make an excellent role model to your child. I bring a lot of care and love into any work I do. Using my attentive and intuitive nature I can see to all your family needs. My First aid training has taught me what to do in the case of an emergency. Being a Biology graduate I am well read on health allowing me to advise on remedies for sickness and very capable of doing independent research into anything I need to learn more about. I love being around children engaging in the games they play and sharing their innocent and imaginative worlds. I have experience babysitting my nephew Leo from the age of 2-4, princess Hattie aged 4-6 and my work colleges two sons. I keep children engaged with the world through games and learning. I love to offer children the opportunity to act responsibly, encouraging them when they make good choices or act compassionately. I have a very calm and grounded temperament which lends me a level head and patience when dealing with disagreements or high-emotion situations. I never engage in conflict and thoroughly believe in clear communication and understanding. I aim to help your child feel completely at ease and able to explore and grow in this world, according to their needs. I live a very conscious lifestyle and I am particularly passionate about eating a healthy diet. My journey into vegetarianism and veganism has rewarded me with great cooking skills, which I am always thrilled to share. Recently myself and my sister have experimented with a raw diet creating beautifully colourful salads and delicious smoothies. I would welcome to opportunity to come meet you and your family to see how well we connect and if the match feels good to all of us. Please note I am looking for a live out arrangement as I already have a flat in Friedrichshain, Berlin. However I am very flexible with hours and ready to start immediately. Look forward to hearing from you. Warm wishes Rachael

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